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Come join us on the 23rd February at Alec Mullins Hall (behind the Rhodes Gym) from 5pm for Sports Sign Up. Remember your student card

If you landed on this page you obviously want to know a bit more about DanceSport. At Our club we offer two types of membership namely "competitive" and "non competitive". Both receive the same level of precision training but non competitive students are those that don't wish to attend the federation's but still want the technique of their competitive counterparts. We don't do social dancing as a focus - we do have workshops every so often in other styles as a fun extra. To learn about the difference keep reading.

Competitive Dancing  

Competitive dancing is a style of dance in which dance competition is the main focus. DanceSport is the official name for competitive ballroom dancing. - demanding high levels of strength, stamina and flexibility. DanceSport's main emphasis is on performance, technique and appearance. In a DanceSport competition, couples dance together on the same floor while being judged on their speed, elegance, body action, and dramatic movements. DanceSport events are sanctioned and regulated by DanceSport organizations at the national and international level.

The International Olympic Committee now recognizes DanceSport for the inclusion into the Olympic Games. Through our Federation (FEDANSA) and Rhodes Sports Council, dancers that excel qualify for bursaries attached to half and full colors as well as sports honors based on the level of achievement. Rhodes DanceSport competes all over South Africa and Internationally and has a reputation for excellence - in last year’s DanceSport season, the first team (less than 10 couples) bought back over 90 podium placing trophies. If skill and dedication to your craft is what you are looking for, then DanceSport is for you. From beginner levels all the way to championship level the club will train you with qualified in house instructors and with top coaches from around SA and abroad to make sure you excel in Ballroom and Latin dancing . To see what Rhodes DanceSport can offer you, follow this highlight clip.

    Social Dancing  

At Rhodes there are societies that teach social Ballroom and Latin classes. Social dance is a major category or classification of danceforms or dance styles, where sociability and socializing are the primary focuses of the dancing. Social dances can be danced with a variety of partners in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. Social dance includes groups of dances such as circle dances, line dances, novelty dances, or simply club dancing in solo. Any competitions are purely for fun and merit is awarded for participation.


Social dance focuses on teaching ballroom dancing steps without much emphasis on technique. This is often because the level of training or time to practice the execution of correct form is not there or lacking. Social dance is often referred to as looking "flat" or "diluted" compared to DanceSport because of this. In social dancing everyone is a winner and level progression is based on time spent in class rather than being judged against peers. Social dancing is suited to people who just want a basic understanding of movement to music and to enjoy themselves in a more relaxed environment. Due to the lack of emphasis on technique, social dance is not recognized on a provincial or national arena for sporting awards. To see one of the highlights of what social dance can offer its members, follow this link .